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Do you think people should sue for generator noise?

Nigerian Law Forum Forums General forum Do you think people should sue for generator noise?

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    This would be near impossible to actualize due to the situation in our country
    The use of generator in Nigeria is a norm due to the poor condition of electricity in the country .
    Suing for generator noise would be quite unreasonable,I think the most sensible thing to do is to push for the government to improve the condition of our electricity then that way the use of generator will be reduced .
    Although, in some areas the use of generator is regulated ,for example in adekunle kuye area of surulere and road 201 in festac a rule was made that by 12midnight all generators should be put off.a sanction is attached to this rule where there is a breach.
    My point is as long as the Nigerian government doesn’t ban the use of generators then no concrete case can be made for the noise it creates
    Although environmental law enthusiasts have put up a fight on some occasions due to the air and noise pollution generators cause ,it is still an issue as there is no stable electricity so we result to generators ,I personally would suggest the use of solar or inverters instead of generators but,not everyone can afford solar or inverters .

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