How to Register as Incorporated Trustees

Introduction This article explains how non-profit organizations can register as incorporated trustees in Nigeria. Not all legal corporations or organizations are business oriented and exist to make profits. Some non-profit-oriented organizations exist to serve public purposes instead of personal interests or gains. Such organizations are usually classified and registered as companies limited by guarantee orContinue reading

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Can my landlord evict me in Lagos?

Can my landlord evict me in Lagos State? Introduction This article examines whether a landlord can evict a tenant and the legal process of evicting a tenant with Lagos State as a focal point. The relationship between a landlord and a tenant known as tenancy, is one where the owner of the land referred toContinue reading

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Startups Funding & Legal Considerations

1. Introduction  While fund is greatly required at the startup inception stage, it is a major setback suffered by most startups as they have no proven track record of success and investors therefore consider them as high-risk investments. Notwithstanding, there are options of funding available to startups. The aim of this article is to exploreContinue reading

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Mobile Courts Legality in Nigeria

The Position of the Law on Mobile Courts and its Procedure in Nigeria Society is often fraught with different kinds of disputes, which could either be civil or criminal in nature. The court, therefore, is the body, vested with the power to hear and resolve disputes amicably. However, there is widespread dissatisfaction with the delayContinue reading

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Restraint of Trade in Employment Contracts

Restraint of trade in employment contracts Introduction In recent times, employees have become more aware of restrictions placed on their employment liberty at the end of their employment relationship. This restriction is usually due to a restraint of trade clause contained in some employment contracts. It is a settled principle of law that parties areContinue reading

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