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Would you sue for generator noise?

would you sue for generator noise?

Would you sue someone for generator noise? Electric generator use is quite ubiquitous in Nigeria due to instability of power supply. Noise disturbance on the other hand, as lawyers would know, is an actionable tort.

The purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the impact of social norms on the efficiency of law. Please feel free to express your opinion about the topic by selecting an option in the short form below.


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avatar By Godspower Nwagod ·

Why should I sue when there's no power supply like other African countries. If we have constant power supply I think it would be foolish to use generator and then I can sue.


By jmicheal ·

I can sue, if the generator noise is disturbing my peace,especially if i cant sleep at night because of the noise .


avatar By Goodluck ·

The truth is that no business, hospital, etc in Nigeria can survive without generator. Our leaders have failed us on daily basis. If everyone uses Mikano soundproof generator, who will sue the other? If gaint generators are mounted in commercial cities, or politicans share their light with others, who would sue the other?


avatar By Biodun ·

Should the noise be so that it affects my health or the well being of my household and all moral suasion has failed, I will sue

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